• Where Do Squishies Come From?


    Squishies has risen in popularity in a short period of time. These toys have caught the attention of a huge number of fans all over the world. The squishy phenomenon is real and this can be seen with the countless number of pictures and videos that are posted over the internet on a regular basis. Squishies does indeed have quite a huge following which definitely goes a long way in helping attract new fans. Newcomers have plenty of questions they are meaning to ask with regards to squishies. One of them is where do they come from.

    Looking at the history of squishies can be a bit blurry. The reason behind this is that there is no direct reference as to where squishies was originally created. These toys have a lot of manufacturers however, because of its simplistic yet stylish design. This in turn makes it possible for a huge number of individuals to create their very own design. This is indeed apparent with plenty of do it yourself videos that teaches you how to make squishies on your own. All of this is made possible with the material known as polyurethane which is the primary component of squishies (learn more from this blog).

    Polyurethane is indeed responsible for the creation of countless number of squishies. This material is lauded for its extreme flexibleness which allows them to be used in a variety of applications. This includes furniture, automobile seats, houses, sculptures and decors, filling of space and cavities, water vessels, flexible plastics, varnish, wheels, automotive parts, electronic components, adhesives and many more. Their huge reach has expanded in the toy industry and is now present in many squishies.


    Although the origin of squishies is hard to trace, what a huge number of fans are sure of is with a particular brand of squishies known as Kawaii squishy. This type of squishies were invented in Japan that has made quite a name for itself because of its very squishy feel which help gave them their iconic name. Kawaii is a Japanese word but in English it means cute which greatly represents what squishies are.

    There is indeed a lot of buzz that is going around squishies. If you want to learn more, there are online communities dedicated to squishies that you can join to engage and interact with fans. This can be a very good opportunity to learn more information about squishies to deepen your appreciation about them.

  • How to Preserve Ceramic Dinnerware?


    Ceramic is a popular choice used in many dinnerware items. This material is known to be relatively inexpensive compared to its other dinnerware counterparts. This in turns makes ceramic dinnerware a fairly popular choice used in many households in the present. A common concern a number of users share when using ceramic dinnerware is their durability, unlike that of httpwwwslateplate.com. This type of material is known to be quite fragile making it important to take extra care when handling them. Let us look at a few ways on how to help preserve your ceramic dinnerware.


    Dealing with Temperature

    Ceramic dinnerware is quite sensitive with sudden changes to temperature. For that matter, this type of dinnerware should not be placed in the oven or microwaves or directly on a burner as this can result to them cracking or chipping. When serving hot foods or liquids, users are advised to haven their ceramic dinnerware tempered with warm tap water first to avoid possible thermal shock and cracking.



    Cleaning plays a very important role in keeping your ceramic dinnerware in good working condition. Using dishwasher is considered to be safe as long as the pieces stay far apart from each other to avoid collision during the dish washing cycle. Removing stains directly through a dishwasher can be a bit problematic. During cases, users are advised to soak their ceramic dinnerware in soapy warm water for a couple of minutes. Avoid using scouring powders or other harsh remedies but instead go for a good quality, non-abrasive metal cleaner. Be sure to avoid exerting too much force or pressure in cleaning your dinnerware as you might break them in the process.




    Storing your ceramic dinnerware is pretty straightforward. Find a decent storage space that will be able to hold your dinnerware while at the same time give them a few extra space to breath in. Don’t forget to keep them thoroughly dry before storing them to avoid moist buildup. If you have children with you, make sure to keep your dinnerware items out of their reach to avoid accidentally breaking them. This does not only keep your dinnerware safe but your child as well.


    Ceramic can be a very good addition to your dinnerware items. Their price is one of its biggest feature allowing people to purchase them in bulk with little to no worries about their cost. Consider the tips mentioned above to keep your ceramic dinnerware in good shape.

  • How to deal with let loss grief: take a hold of your emotions


    Losing is a pet is a devastating experience. No one wants to face that. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. Since it’s life time, the pet becomes integrated into our families; the pet becomes a part of it. And it becomes no different than Amy other household members in the family. But it comes with a price. The emotions that are tied with it, makes it impossible when it is deceased. It is very hard to cope up with death even though it is the ultimate truth in life. We not only lose a family member but we lose everything that is related with it. It creates an empty space in our heart which is much harder to fulfill….. That’s why it is so hard to move on after a pet loss as, our daily lives centers around it…. Whether we do, the interest of the beloved left is always in our heart. Even while going outside, we make sure that the pet doesn’t face any difficulties while the people out of the house for a long time…..

    For the people who are living alone with no other person to look after them excluding just the pet it is a much horrible experience. Not only it creates turmoil in our heart and mind but it leaves a vacancy which can be felt every day, every second.

    Which is why memorial services, like that of wwwlcmemorials.com, are held in order to cope up with the loss of pet grief. It not only give us a support in hard times but it itself deals with the fried process such a way that, a person can move out from the state in a much easier manner.

    The grief stage is always hard to deal with and very less people knows how to deal with it. And it’s not a surprise because death is always a hard aspect to deal with. With memorial service you can pay tribute to your deceased pet which In   turn, can heal up the wounded heart.


    With every moment every second, it becomes harder to deal with the loss of someone because, be it human or animal, they hold such significance that it becomes impossible to replace them with someone or something. Every moment makes us remember about them and it makes our eyes teary.

    The best way to cope up is, get a hold of your emotions. We tend to be depressed when death occurs to something/someone close to us but we should remember that, we still have a life outside it. If you have any other pets, then be attentive to them which will acts as a distraction to the ongoing grief process. You can come out from the stage in an easier manner though it does seem like a very hard thing to do. Let the days pass one by one. With each days passed, the emotions will become more rational and you will be accustomed with the environment which will in turn help in accepting the deceased pet. This acceptance goes a long way as it is the baby step in a long road of moving on from the grief stage.


    They will always be in our heart. Death doesn’t mean they have lost the place in our heart rather it is more cemented as even the small things will make us remember about them. It isn’t easy to get pass to it, but it also isn’t impossible task. As a tribute to the deceased, you have to move on, while keeping the memories close to your heart.  One of the best things you can do in order to keep those memories alive is by making memorials for your pets. These are beautiful yet log lasting which will help you keep those memories alive forever.

  • How to Create a Furry Tail for Costume


    It’s not practical to buy a furry tail for your costume. It’s quite easy to come up with an excellent-looking furry tail from faux fur. It’s easier that you think it is. It will normally take you an hour to put it all together or maybe two hours when you don’t know much about sewing. You can find a variety of colors for faux pas that are available in various lengths. There are also tutorials for painting faux fur to acquire the color they intend to have if you are one who simply can’t find the right color or hue you like. Most people attach the faux pas tail with the use of a safety pin but you can also use anything you feel comfortable with.

    Although this is very rude – some people, even use a butt plug!!! Something I found out the other day – It’s a butt plug that has animal tails at the end at loveplugs, pretty strange! Each to their own!

    In making a faux fur tail, the following items are necessary: new razor blades, needle and thread, sewing machine, safety pins to use for attaching, fabric scraps, measuring tape, ¼ yard of faux fur, pins, marker or pen for marking purposes. You can choose from a grey, brow, or white long haired fur to use. It’s easier to work with short fur if it happens to be your first time.


    You have to decide on the length of the faux fur tail you like to have may it be 26 inches long and 10 inches across. To cut the faux fur tail, you have to lay the fur tail side down and cut the back layer of it with a razor. When you cut the fur with scissors, you will be able to cut the fur in areas to make it look a bit mangy. You have to remember too that the direction in which the faux fur goes does not really matter. That will only matter for smaller details like the ears.

    You certainly don’t want a straight bottom to the faux fur tail since it will give a chunky appearance. Depending on the kind of tail you like, you can curve the outside edges or else make it a bit pointed. You have to bear in mind that while planning you will have to fold the tail by half and sew it down to one side.

    You then have to fold the tail in half and make sure that the right side is touching and that the fabric side is found on the outside. You then have to line up the edges. After that, you have to pin the tail together all the way down to the edge.

  • What to Look for in a Photo Booth Company


    It is a big thing today to have a photo booth in every wedding reception, class reunion, birthday party, or even a corporate event. But if it is your first time to rent a photo booth today, you have to know several things:

    The first thing that you have to consider is the type of camera that the photo booth has. Why is this important? It tells the kind of resolution that it can produce. If the Photo booth rental has a web can camera this means that your photos would be of low resolution compared to the normal cameras. Web cams are cheaper and easier to procure but they can produce photos that are blurry in quality. Look for a photo booth that has a DSLR camera. These are cameras used by the professional photographers that you can expect to produce high quality photos.


    The next thing you have to look for in a photo booth in Melbourne, Australia is the kind of printer they use for printing the photos. The worst case is for them to use the regular printer which is not designed for printing photos. Be aware that there are no photo printers that use the same regular ink that regular printers use. Such printers cannot be relied on to produce the best photos. They also use the printer paper that can be easily bought at Best Buy or Staples. You have to look for a company that uses the sub dye printers. These printers are known to be more expensive and they also use the ribbon type of ink which can result to the same print quality that you can get from a reliable photo store.

    You also have to check if they charge for the setup. It’s true that there are some companies that charge for merely setting up. If you like the company to set up hours before the event you have to ask for a rate that will include down time or time when the booth isn’t operating.

    You also have to check on the features that every package contains. You have to ask about what is included in the package. If your event doesn’t fall on a weekend, you have to ask if they ever offer discounts for your specific date and you also have to ask the amount of the deposit.


    Photo booths are a great way for you to wow your guests with having great quality custom photo strips.

  • Engraved Antique Sterling Silver Personalized Christening Gifts

    Christening gifts are often given as keepsakes, something special for the parents to hold onto until the child is older. Sterling silver items are among the traditional ideas for Christening gifts. But to take those sterling silver keepsakes one step further, and to make the gift even more special, consider engraved antique sterling silver items, like a cross, baby spoon or rattle. Antique personalized Christening gifts will become treasured heirlooms.

    Engraved Antique Sterling Silver

    Antique sterling silver items suitable as christening gifts are numerous, and it easy to have those items engraved for more personalized Christening gifts. Study the piece before purchasing to ensure there is a large enough spot for engraving. This means there needs to be a clean smooth area somewhere on the piece to ensure the inscription isn’t obscured by fancy etchings, scroll work or curved shapes. Engraving antique sterling silver is easily done by most jewelers.

    Christening Ideas: Quotes and Inscriptions for Engraving

    The inscription to be engraved on the baby gift is basically intended as a welcome to the world with God’s blessing. If space is limited, the words can simply be the child’s name, followed by the date of his or her Christening. But if space allows consider adding a personalized quote. And if you can’t think of any, do a search online for “christening quotes,” and you’ll find lots of ideas.

    Antique Baby Jewelry

    Antique baby jewelry includes baby bangles, crosses, St. Christopher pendants, heart pendants, silver charms and charm bracelets. While these items are primarily baby girl gifts, a cross pendant or a St. Christopher pendant is less gender specific and it’s not difficult to find antique sterling silver pendants that might be suitable for a boy baby. Engraved antique sterling silver baby jewelry items make unique baby gifts to offer as a personalized Christening keepsake.

    Antique Sterling Silver Spoon

    500 years ago, the rich nobles in England gave gifts of silver spoons to honor the baby’s christening. They were traditionally a set of spoons representing the 12 Apostles. But this was a tradition for the rich and where the phrase “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” was derived from. The tradition of the silver spoon has continued, but not just for the rich.

    If giving an engraved antique sterling silver spoon as a personalized christening gift, look for an antique spoon that was originally intended for baby gifts, rather than a short teaspoon.

    Antique Sterling Silver Baby Rattles

    There were numerous styles of antique baby rattles in the 19th century and early 20th century from simple rings with jingling charms to traditional shapes still seen today. The antique rattles are no longer meant to be used, but given as keepsakes.

    Expect to pay $20 or more for a more common antique baby rattle, but $200 or more for a rare piece. Those from the early 19th century or made by a company like Tiffany and Co., are valued at over $1K, but it’s not advisable to add engravings to those, due to their rarity.

    If you buy antique silver online, you’ll find the best selection and at fair prices.

    Other Silver Christening Gifts for Engraving

    Other vintage and antique sterling silver christening gifts for engraving include baby cups, brush and comb sets, egg cups and small ornate sterling silver boxes. Think about the item as a keepsake rather than a toy or something that will be used. Take a look at online antique shops and auction venues and run through their lists on antique silver to look for inspiration.

    Engraving Antique Silver

    Contemporary inscriptions may devalue antique silver, so price and rarity is something to consider. Many of the items listed above are quite common, and can be purchased at reasonable prices. If the idea of engraving antique sterling silver is off-putting, consider purchasing a contemporary pendant, like those listed above, engrave it, and add it to a small antique sterling silver box that will remain untouched. Together they make a lovely Christening keepsake.

  • Visiting the Famous Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York

    Moosewood Restaurant serves up home-cooked meals that use good-quality, whole food ingredients. 

    The food is consistently good, and reasoably priced (but not cheap). Don’t expect anything revolutionary, but do expect quality cooking from scratch, like most people would make, if they had the time. For fans of the Moosewood franchise, it’s worth a short pilgrimage. But, those further away aren’t missing much by making the dishes themselves. History of Moosewood Restaurant Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York, is a pillar of the vegetarian movement. Established in 1973, Moosewood Restaurant has been serving up vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian fare. 
    They also have produced an extensive line of cookbooks and sell a line of frozen/refrigerated foods for home use. Ambience Reflects Laid-Back Vibe Moosewood Restaurant is a comfortable place, filled with diverse visitors, and beautiful, yet unusual dinnerware, provided by slateplate.com. Many fit into the hippie-vegetarian archetype, while others are young stdents, middle-aged parents with children and groups of business people from neighbouring hotels. 
    The outdoor patio is the perfect shady spot to enjoy a warm-weather lunch or supper, but the lower level indoor seating area gets plenty of use too. Given that Moosewood is probably the most famous and influential of vegetarian restaurants, one would expect an energy in the atmosphere that reflects the dedication to running an empire for over 30 years, especially considering their choice of dinnerware. However, this restaurant feels like any other: staff go about their duties, chatting politely. People mingle. The vibe is very laid-back – as is their choice of dinnerware.
    As passerby glance at Moosewood restaurant, they don’t seem excited by the restaurant that has inspired vegetarian home cooks for decades. Some visitors arrive unaware of the restaurant’s significance and ask for burgers and Coke – neither of which are on the menu. Moosewood Recipes and Food Taste Like Home-Cooked Meals Food at Moosewood is not fast food, but it’s not gourmet fare that takes hours to prepare, either (though some home cooks might disagree). In 1973, when the restaurant opened, meatless dishes were no doubt more revolutionary than they are today. And dishes rife with exotic vegetables, tofu and tempeh may have blown diners away. But for 21st century vegetarians with access to exotic ingredients at home, these flavours are nothing new.
    Because the restaurant focuses on good, wholesome food as opposed to a strict set of dietary 
    guidelines, they also serve seafood and liquor (beer, wine, and flavourful mixed drinks). The Moosewood Collective (who run the restarant) use recipes from their existing cookbooks as well as developing new ones in their kitchen. For dinner there is a sigle fish or seafood option, one or two vegan options and one or two (ovo-lacto) vegetarian dishes. 
    Menu items change daily and are based on what’s seasonally and locally available. Diners who cook with the Moosewood books might find it fun to sample a dish they themselves have prepared at home. True to the cookbook recipes, food at the restaurant is satisfying and homey. These dishes taste like something grandma would cook at home, – but not like gourmet, cutting-edge restaurant food. And just like eating at home, the dishes are Moosewood are sometimes perfect and sometimes lacking.

    Dinner at Moosewood Restaurant For dinner there is a choice of appetizers. 

    Hearty and flavourful Mini Reuben Croquettes made with tofu ($6) and Roasted Red Potatoes with Chipotle Aioli ($5.50) are sure to whet an eager appetite with generous portions. The main dishes are incredibly varied: Moosewood chefs crate meals that reflect world travels and diverse cultural backgrounds. For example, Not Fried Trout ($18.50) is served with kale andcreamy mashed potatoes, but the Greek Vegetable Pie ($15) comes with dilled feta-egg custard in “a seasoned rice, walnut and oil crust” and a salad of fresh fennel and orange. Caribbean Pineapple-Peanut Stew ($15) is simmered in a unique peanut butter sauce and is served with jerk tempeh. The Cheese Ravioli with roasted garlic-shallot butter ($15) was poorly seasoned but saved by the perfect fresh pasta and cheeses, whereas the Vegetable Pastitsio (a moussaka-like casserole with eggplant, lentils, and béchamel, $15.50) was excellent, if not a bit light on the eggplant. All of the salad dressings are made in-house. With different flavours to suit any palate it is difficult to choose, but the feta garlic and miso ginger are both winners.

    Lunch at Moosewood Restaurant

    For lunch, the soups hit the mark as creamy corn bisque plates and chilled beet borscht with optional sour cream (both $2.75 for a cup) were simple and fresh, highlighting the vegetables that star in each. On a Thursday afternoon, the kitchen ran out of the mildly spicy Zesty Chipotle Egg Pita sandwich ($5.75) not even halfway through lunch. The Multigrain Ciabatta ($6) had a winning texture, but needed the optional fresh mozzarella to add a little bit more flavour to the rather bland asparagus-nut pesto. 
    Substantial lunch dishes like Spinach-Cheese Frittata ($8.75), Mexican Salad Plate ($8.50) and Curried Lentil Burger ($8.50) are also available.

    Dessert at MoosewoodRestaurant.

    The dessert menu doesn’t rotate as the dinner and lunch menus do, but it does offer a selection of dessert plates for sweet tooths of every size. The vegan fudge brownie was extra-chocolaty and rich.
  • Maclaren Pushchair Recall: Company Recalls Strollers Over Safety Fears

    Pushchair manufacturer Maclaren has taken the step of recalling all of its umbrella style strollers sold in the US. The move comes after concerns were raised over the safety of the designs, which are believed to pose an amputation risk if a child’s fingers get caught in the stroller’s folding mechanism.

    Strollers Pose Amputation Risk

    The recall affects all single and double umbrella fold models such as the Volo, Triumph, Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, Techno XLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno and Easy Traveller, and has been prompted by fears that the folding mechanism could pose “a fingertip amputation and laceration hazard to the child” says Maclaren USA.

    Maclaren Voluntary Recall

    In a statement on its company website the manufacturer says: “Maclaren USA’s Umbrella Strollers meet all U.S. ASTM & JPMA compliance standards. These certifications guarantee our umbrella strollers meet the maximum safety standards available. The voluntary recall is to alert the operator when opening or closing the stroller of the possible risk of injury.” The company adds that, “Safety is our first priority.”

    Maclaren Child Safety Concerns

    As a market leader in the infant and toddler transport field, the British company Maclaren was the pioneer of the umbrella fold design, and the company’s UK website says: “All Maclaren products are designed with child safety forefront in our minds.” However it is only US bought models that have been recalled with company representatives stressing that their products sold in Britain meet and exceed all European safety standards.

    One Million Strollers Recalled

    A BBC news report on the Maclaren pushchair recall claims as many as one million products across the US could be affected. Parents are being asked to return their strollers so that a free repair kit, including hinge covers to restrict access to the folding mechanism, can be fitted. And officials at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are urging consumers to take action before using the strollers again.

    CSPC spokesman Patty Davis said: “The most important thing for parents and care-givers to remember is to get the repair kit immediately. Do not use the stroller unless you get the repair kit in place first.”

    Parents Urged to Take Care

    The recall of a number of popular strollers models in the USA is just the latest in a number of product recalls affecting parents of young children and serves as a stark reminder to parents that they must be aware of possible risks posed to their children at all times. Anyone affected by the product recall is urged to return their product to their retailer as soon as possible so that additional safety measures can be put in place

  • Ways to Make Your Life Easier As a New Mom

    Being a mother is really a great experience and I know it might be overwhelming for you to o through so many changes. From hormonal to emotional changes, you go through a roller coaster ride.

    Here are a few tried tips to make it easier for you to make those first few months easier and a lot of fun—

    • Make a routine – A routine makes it easier for you to cope up. For the first few days you won’t be able to understand your baby’s schedule but after a few days you will know when he sleeps, when he eats or when he poops. Based on that, you should make up your own schedule and stick to that. This makes your life easier.
    • Ask for Help – If you are a new mom, you must ask for help from people who are experienced. The first few weeks are really tough and it is beyond your capacity. It isn’t a matter of shame that you are asking for help from someone. Or it is absolutely fine when you ask your friend who just have stopped by your place to hold your baby once. Take help. It is absolutely fine.
    • Start making friends with moms – If none of your old friends have become a mom yet, then you should make friends with ladies who are already moms. This will be helpful for you to share your feelings, your adventures with these new moms and this will really help you a lot.

    Pamper yourself, make new routines. You need a break and you should get it. All the best new mommy!

  • Troubles New Moms Go Through

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went through a hell lot of issues and trust me; I wanted to run away somewhere leaving everything behind. Although, when my daughter was born I left the idea of escaping because she was too cute to be left alone and I love her more than my life.

    Now my daughter is 3 years old and I am quit experienced with the troubles new moms go through. Here are a few common troubles you go through because of the changes in your life and in your hormones –

    • The emotional breakdown – You see, a lot of women get a tremendous mood changes and go through a huge emotional breakdown. Remember when Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S gave birth to Emma? She used to cry in every small thing possible. You become the same. You become grumpy and irritated.
    • You can’t get more sleep – Even if you want to sleep all the time, you don’t get enough sleep. Because your baby cries at the middle of the night, you want to pee all the time and not! You become sleep deprived and that makes you grumpier. However, you should sleep whenever you can and get at least 10 hours of sleep.
    • You feel alone – The emotional breakdown you go through makes you vulnerable and you feel really lonely. You have your baby, you have your husband, you have your friends and yet you find yourself alone. But it is nothing like that. it is all because of the hormonal changes you go through and it will all be good after sometime. Don’t worry.

    Being a mom is an overwhelming experience. And despite all the troubles every woman wishes to give birth to a little angel. If you are a mom, share your experiences with us.

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