• Visiting the Famous Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York

    Moosewood Restaurant serves up home-cooked meals that use good-quality, whole food ingredients. 

    The food is consistently good, and reasoably priced (but not cheap). Don’t expect anything revolutionary, but do expect quality cooking from scratch, like most people would make, if they had the time. For fans of the Moosewood franchise, it’s worth a short pilgrimage. But, those further away aren’t missing much by making the dishes themselves. History of Moosewood Restaurant Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York, is a pillar of the vegetarian movement. Established in 1973, Moosewood Restaurant has been serving up vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian fare. 
    They also have produced an extensive line of cookbooks and sell a line of frozen/refrigerated foods for home use. Ambience Reflects Laid-Back Vibe Moosewood Restaurant is a comfortable place, filled with diverse visitors, and beautiful, yet unusual dinnerware, provided by slateplate.com. Many fit into the hippie-vegetarian archetype, while others are young stdents, middle-aged parents with children and groups of business people from neighbouring hotels. 
    The outdoor patio is the perfect shady spot to enjoy a warm-weather lunch or supper, but the lower level indoor seating area gets plenty of use too. Given that Moosewood is probably the most famous and influential of vegetarian restaurants, one would expect an energy in the atmosphere that reflects the dedication to running an empire for over 30 years, especially considering their choice of dinnerware. However, this restaurant feels like any other: staff go about their duties, chatting politely. People mingle. The vibe is very laid-back – as is their choice of dinnerware.
    As passerby glance at Moosewood restaurant, they don’t seem excited by the restaurant that has inspired vegetarian home cooks for decades. Some visitors arrive unaware of the restaurant’s significance and ask for burgers and Coke – neither of which are on the menu. Moosewood Recipes and Food Taste Like Home-Cooked Meals Food at Moosewood is not fast food, but it’s not gourmet fare that takes hours to prepare, either (though some home cooks might disagree). In 1973, when the restaurant opened, meatless dishes were no doubt more revolutionary than they are today. And dishes rife with exotic vegetables, tofu and tempeh may have blown diners away. But for 21st century vegetarians with access to exotic ingredients at home, these flavours are nothing new.
    Because the restaurant focuses on good, wholesome food as opposed to a strict set of dietary 
    guidelines, they also serve seafood and liquor (beer, wine, and flavourful mixed drinks). The Moosewood Collective (who run the restarant) use recipes from their existing cookbooks as well as developing new ones in their kitchen. For dinner there is a sigle fish or seafood option, one or two vegan options and one or two (ovo-lacto) vegetarian dishes. 
    Menu items change daily and are based on what’s seasonally and locally available. Diners who cook with the Moosewood books might find it fun to sample a dish they themselves have prepared at home. True to the cookbook recipes, food at the restaurant is satisfying and homey. These dishes taste like something grandma would cook at home, – but not like gourmet, cutting-edge restaurant food. And just like eating at home, the dishes are Moosewood are sometimes perfect and sometimes lacking.

    Dinner at Moosewood Restaurant For dinner there is a choice of appetizers. 

    Hearty and flavourful Mini Reuben Croquettes made with tofu ($6) and Roasted Red Potatoes with Chipotle Aioli ($5.50) are sure to whet an eager appetite with generous portions. The main dishes are incredibly varied: Moosewood chefs crate meals that reflect world travels and diverse cultural backgrounds. For example, Not Fried Trout ($18.50) is served with kale andcreamy mashed potatoes, but the Greek Vegetable Pie ($15) comes with dilled feta-egg custard in “a seasoned rice, walnut and oil crust” and a salad of fresh fennel and orange. Caribbean Pineapple-Peanut Stew ($15) is simmered in a unique peanut butter sauce and is served with jerk tempeh. The Cheese Ravioli with roasted garlic-shallot butter ($15) was poorly seasoned but saved by the perfect fresh pasta and cheeses, whereas the Vegetable Pastitsio (a moussaka-like casserole with eggplant, lentils, and béchamel, $15.50) was excellent, if not a bit light on the eggplant. All of the salad dressings are made in-house. With different flavours to suit any palate it is difficult to choose, but the feta garlic and miso ginger are both winners.

    Lunch at Moosewood Restaurant

    For lunch, the soups hit the mark as creamy corn bisque plates and chilled beet borscht with optional sour cream (both $2.75 for a cup) were simple and fresh, highlighting the vegetables that star in each. On a Thursday afternoon, the kitchen ran out of the mildly spicy Zesty Chipotle Egg Pita sandwich ($5.75) not even halfway through lunch. The Multigrain Ciabatta ($6) had a winning texture, but needed the optional fresh mozzarella to add a little bit more flavour to the rather bland asparagus-nut pesto. 
    Substantial lunch dishes like Spinach-Cheese Frittata ($8.75), Mexican Salad Plate ($8.50) and Curried Lentil Burger ($8.50) are also available.

    Dessert at MoosewoodRestaurant.

    The dessert menu doesn’t rotate as the dinner and lunch menus do, but it does offer a selection of dessert plates for sweet tooths of every size. The vegan fudge brownie was extra-chocolaty and rich.
  • Maclaren Pushchair Recall: Company Recalls Strollers Over Safety Fears

    Pushchair manufacturer Maclaren has taken the step of recalling all of its umbrella style strollers sold in the US. The move comes after concerns were raised over the safety of the designs, which are believed to pose an amputation risk if a child’s fingers get caught in the stroller’s folding mechanism.

    Strollers Pose Amputation Risk

    The recall affects all single and double umbrella fold models such as the Volo, Triumph, Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, Techno XLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno and Easy Traveller, and has been prompted by fears that the folding mechanism could pose “a fingertip amputation and laceration hazard to the child” says Maclaren USA.

    Maclaren Voluntary Recall

    In a statement on its company website the manufacturer says: “Maclaren USA’s Umbrella Strollers meet all U.S. ASTM & JPMA compliance standards. These certifications guarantee our umbrella strollers meet the maximum safety standards available. The voluntary recall is to alert the operator when opening or closing the stroller of the possible risk of injury.” The company adds that, “Safety is our first priority.”

    Maclaren Child Safety Concerns

    As a market leader in the infant and toddler transport field, the British company Maclaren was the pioneer of the umbrella fold design, and the company’s UK website says: “All Maclaren products are designed with child safety forefront in our minds.” However it is only US bought models that have been recalled with company representatives stressing that their products sold in Britain meet and exceed all European safety standards.

    One Million Strollers Recalled

    A BBC news report on the Maclaren pushchair recall claims as many as one million products across the US could be affected. Parents are being asked to return their strollers so that a free repair kit, including hinge covers to restrict access to the folding mechanism, can be fitted. And officials at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are urging consumers to take action before using the strollers again.

    CSPC spokesman Patty Davis said: “The most important thing for parents and care-givers to remember is to get the repair kit immediately. Do not use the stroller unless you get the repair kit in place first.”

    Parents Urged to Take Care

    The recall of a number of popular strollers models in the USA is just the latest in a number of product recalls affecting parents of young children and serves as a stark reminder to parents that they must be aware of possible risks posed to their children at all times. Anyone affected by the product recall is urged to return their product to their retailer as soon as possible so that additional safety measures can be put in place

  • Ways to Make Your Life Easier As a New Mom

    Being a mother is really a great experience and I know it might be overwhelming for you to o through so many changes. From hormonal to emotional changes, you go through a roller coaster ride.

    Here are a few tried tips to make it easier for you to make those first few months easier and a lot of fun—

    • Make a routine – A routine makes it easier for you to cope up. For the first few days you won’t be able to understand your baby’s schedule but after a few days you will know when he sleeps, when he eats or when he poops. Based on that, you should make up your own schedule and stick to that. This makes your life easier.
    • Ask for Help – If you are a new mom, you must ask for help from people who are experienced. The first few weeks are really tough and it is beyond your capacity. It isn’t a matter of shame that you are asking for help from someone. Or it is absolutely fine when you ask your friend who just have stopped by your place to hold your baby once. Take help. It is absolutely fine.
    • Start making friends with moms – If none of your old friends have become a mom yet, then you should make friends with ladies who are already moms. This will be helpful for you to share your feelings, your adventures with these new moms and this will really help you a lot.

    Pamper yourself, make new routines. You need a break and you should get it. All the best new mommy!

  • Troubles New Moms Go Through

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I went through a hell lot of issues and trust me; I wanted to run away somewhere leaving everything behind. Although, when my daughter was born I left the idea of escaping because she was too cute to be left alone and I love her more than my life.

    Now my daughter is 3 years old and I am quit experienced with the troubles new moms go through. Here are a few common troubles you go through because of the changes in your life and in your hormones –

    • The emotional breakdown – You see, a lot of women get a tremendous mood changes and go through a huge emotional breakdown. Remember when Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S gave birth to Emma? She used to cry in every small thing possible. You become the same. You become grumpy and irritated.
    • You can’t get more sleep – Even if you want to sleep all the time, you don’t get enough sleep. Because your baby cries at the middle of the night, you want to pee all the time and not! You become sleep deprived and that makes you grumpier. However, you should sleep whenever you can and get at least 10 hours of sleep.
    • You feel alone – The emotional breakdown you go through makes you vulnerable and you feel really lonely. You have your baby, you have your husband, you have your friends and yet you find yourself alone. But it is nothing like that. it is all because of the hormonal changes you go through and it will all be good after sometime. Don’t worry.

    Being a mom is an overwhelming experience. And despite all the troubles every woman wishes to give birth to a little angel. If you are a mom, share your experiences with us.

  • Few Mistakes you should avoid as a  New Mom

    When you have just given birth to your baby, there are a few things you must take care of. You might be making quite a few new mom mistakes without your knowledge that are actually irking your family and friends. Here are a few mistakes you must avoid –

    • Crying when your baby cries – Babies keep crying. It’s fine really. You don’t have to cry each time your baby cries. I know your emotions are heightened right now, you are going through great hormonal changes and it makes you want to cry hard when you see your baby crying; but no. That is not really a good idea.
    • Being over possessive – Moms are generally possessive and its fine. But don’t be over possessive that makes others go ugh! Being territorial and possessive will only make you more stressed and you won’t get proper amount of rests. Don’t hold onto an idea that only you can take care of your baby and no one else can. That isn’t true.
    • Assumptions – There are a lot of assumptions you do when you are a new mom. Like why isn’t she eating, maybe because she is sick; maybe I am doing it wrong; maybe I should have done it that way or maybe she won’t like it? I mean c’mon! You cannot simply assume everything. Stop stressing over things because not everything is going to happen according to the schedule and time table. So cut yourself some slacks and breathe in and relax.

    Got any new mom queries? Ask me in the comment box. Cherish your motherhood!

  • Customized Pillows: Bring Beauty to Your Home

    Home is emotional to us. We try to bring a beauty to it in every way possible. While building it, we imagine what rooms there will be, what colors they will be…. Or what kind of lights we will use there. It’s a never ending process where each day, we come up with new ideas and try to implement it. Some of it is feasible while rest can be impossible or yet even if possible but can cost a fortune so we may, in the end, end up not doing it.

    But, there are small aspects which we can take care of which may increase the aesthetic beauty to multi fold of correctly implemented. Using suitable cushions is one of them. In drawing room, it can give you an appearance that none can match. But, let’s move beyond cushions. Pillows can also even add a great deal inside the bedroom. And if that pillow is customized, only sky can be your limit on terms of creativity.

    It is hard to put attention to every little detail in every corner of our house. We try as much, but soon we do realize that, we generally tend to go overboard and just a simple thing or a simple difference here and there can end up changing the whole aura of the room or the house. And that’s why pillows carry lots of significance while decorating the house as it carries an important role in one aspect of our life that is sleeping.

    By adding variety to the pillow, the whole dynamic of the room can be changed. The tone of the color dictates the environment of the room. Similarly, the bed sheets carry significance in making it as a complimentary. The pillows are those little details which can make a difference of product between polished and unpolished. With customized pillows, bringing colors to the bedrooms, you have an ambiance that you have been trying to create from long ago.

    With the customized pillows, the sky is only your limit to creativity. Excluding for the fact that, the main purpose of the customized pillows is to give you comfort on personal level, the opportunity that it brings along with it is simply just mind blowing. You get additional elements to play with to fine tune your rooms so that they sparkle and give a sense of different moods that you want to convey.

    A simple nature picture in the pillow can be a complimentary to the bed sheet that’s also carrying the same subject. With green as the color of the room, you just now mixed and matched the objects in such a way that, the chain that was created just now, makes them so much complimentary to add value that none of the isolated objects above can match it. That’s the power of keeping it together.

    But it can go beyond that by making the customization to somewhat personal; you can dictate what the room wants to say. For example, in a kid’s room, you can make pillows which will feature favorite cartoons of your kids. It not only creates a positive vibe for your kids but also, the room itself could be turned into where, your kid can feel comfortable with. Not to mention, the favorite cartoons on the pillow makes it attractive enough so that kids will love them, play with them. There won’t be a time where someone will regret buying a customized pillow but there will be time when some will do regret of not buying it because it simply gives too much opportunity in many different directions to ignore. You can use it whatever way you want, be it for comfort or beauty or both and it’ll just enhance in all the aspects even if pillows are lazily sitting around in a corner. If you could implement properly, it is amazing how such a small object can change the whole dynamics.


  • Armchair Gardening with the Best Garden Writers: Vita Sackville-West, Thalasso Cruso and Eleanor Perenyi

    When winter is in its full glory, all the gardener can see of her garden is the skeletal shapes of plants poking up through a blanket of snow. Gardening is out of the question. But reading a good book about gardening written by a garden writer is a pleasurable replacement during the long period between December and February.

    A good gardening book can inspire garden designs and plant choices to implement after the great thaw. Some of the best books are still in print and easily ordered through bookshops or found online.

    Green Thoughts: A Writer in the Garden

    Green Thoughts, A Writer in the Garden, by Eleanor Perenyi, is a book of first-person essays on gardening, based on the author’s own experiences. Readers will learn they should put ash from the fire onto the garden bed for a natural source of potassium, which helps plants become more disease-resistant, as well as strengthen the plants’ root systems.

    Perenyi’s essays are very thorough, provocative and easy to read – written with both wit and charm. Since its first printing in 1981, Green Thoughts has become a classic armchair gardening book – to be read and savored.

    To Everything There is a Season: The Gardening Year

    To Everything There is a Season, the Gardening Year, by Thalassa Cruso, is another book that belongs on every gardener’s book shelf. It is written in first person, and as with Eleanor Perenyi’s Green Thoughts, this too, is filled with helpful essays. The essays are organized by month with related information pertaining to gardening at that time of year. December, for example, includes essays about the waste of discarded Christmas trees, and another essay about holly.

    Cruso has written her essays with strong sensitivity toward caring for the natural world. It is full of wise philosophies about gardening as well as offering snippets of her personal journey in gardening and her love of gardens and nature. Published in 1972, To Everything there is a Season, is still an important work for those interested in eco-gardening.

    Vita Sackville-West’s Garden Book

    Vita Sackville-West’s Garden Book is a small collection of essays put together by her daughter-in-law, Philippa Nicolson in the late 1960s. The essays in the collection were gleaned from Vita Sackville-West’s own books of essays published in the 1950s, including, In Your Garden, In Your Garden Again, More for your Garden, and Even More for your Garden. And these essays were gathered from Sackville-West’s weekly articles in Britain’s Observer magazine, written from 1947 to 1961. Some of the original collections have been reprinted. First editions from the 1950s are rare, collectible and expensive.

    Vita Sackville-West, along with her husband, Harold Nicolson were the creators of Sissinghurst, a world famous garden in Kent, England. Vita was a writer first, having had great success with several novels and poetry since the 1920s. It was only when she and her husband moved to Sissinghurst and began creating the gardens there that Vita started to write about gardening. Vita had a brilliant creative mind and offered her ideas readily to her readers every week.

    Vita Sackville West’s Garden Book brought together some of those most popular essays and gives the reader a good perspective on English garden style. She writes about her famous white garden, protecting plants against frost, roses, groundcover plants, keeping garden notes, and much more, and she does it with humor and charm.

    More Great Gardening Books from Garden Writers

    • In and Out of the Garden, Sarah Mida, Workman Publishing, 1981

    • Pot-Pourri from a Surrey Garden, Mrs. C. W. Earle, National Trust Classics, 1988     reprint of the 1897 edition.

    • The Prickotty Bush,     Montagu Don, Macmillan, 1990

    • Cottage Garden Flowers, Margery Fish, Faber and Faber, 1983

    • House and Garden’s Gardener’s Day Book, Edited by Ralph Bailey, M. Evans and Co., 1965

    • The Well-Tempered Garden, Christopher Lloyd, Penguin Books, 1985

    • Garden Open Today,     Beverly Nichols, Jonathan Cape, 1963

    • Sissinghurst, The Making of a Garden, Anne Scott James, Michael Joseph, 1983

    Gardeners are passionate about their gardens. Writers who garden love to write about it. A little armchair gardening will allow gardeners to pass the winter without missing the digging, planting, pruning, watering, weeding and mulching. It will come soon enough.

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<p class="p1">Hi I am Katy Jacobson, a new age mom with a love for health and fitness who would do anything to help the new moms around the world with some of the greatest tips.</p>
<p class="p1">I have started with a few meetings about health and fitness with a group of friends of mine. I used to provide them health and fitness tips. It was more like a kitty party at first but soon it became a really serious business.</p>
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