Christening gifts are often given as keepsakes, something special for the parents to hold onto until the child is older. Sterling silver items are among the traditional ideas for Christening gifts. But to take those sterling silver keepsakes one step further, and to make the gift even more special, consider engraved antique sterling silver items, like a cross, baby spoon or rattle. Antique personalized Christening gifts will become treasured heirlooms.

Engraved Antique Sterling Silver

Antique sterling silver items suitable as christening gifts are numerous, and it easy to have those items engraved for more personalized Christening gifts. Study the piece before purchasing to ensure there is a large enough spot for engraving. This means there needs to be a clean smooth area somewhere on the piece to ensure the inscription isn’t obscured by fancy etchings, scroll work or curved shapes. Engraving antique sterling silver is easily done by most jewelers.

Christening Ideas: Quotes and Inscriptions for Engraving

The inscription to be engraved on the baby gift is basically intended as a welcome to the world with God’s blessing. If space is limited, the words can simply be the child’s name, followed by the date of his or her Christening. But if space allows consider adding a personalized quote. And if you can’t think of any, do a search online for “christening quotes,” and you’ll find lots of ideas.

Antique Baby Jewelry

Antique baby jewelry includes baby bangles, crosses, St. Christopher pendants, heart pendants, silver charms and charm bracelets. While these items are primarily baby girl gifts, a cross pendant or a St. Christopher pendant is less gender specific and it’s not difficult to find antique sterling silver pendants that might be suitable for a boy baby. Engraved antique sterling silver baby jewelry items make unique baby gifts to offer as a personalized Christening keepsake.

Antique Sterling Silver Spoon

500 years ago, the rich nobles in England gave gifts of silver spoons to honor the baby’s christening. They were traditionally a set of spoons representing the 12 Apostles. But this was a tradition for the rich and where the phrase “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” was derived from. The tradition of the silver spoon has continued, but not just for the rich.

If giving an engraved antique sterling silver spoon as a personalized christening gift, look for an antique spoon that was originally intended for baby gifts, rather than a short teaspoon.

Antique Sterling Silver Baby Rattles

There were numerous styles of antique baby rattles in the 19th century and early 20th century from simple rings with jingling charms to traditional shapes still seen today. The antique rattles are no longer meant to be used, but given as keepsakes.

Expect to pay $20 or more for a more common antique baby rattle, but $200 or more for a rare piece. Those from the early 19th century or made by a company like Tiffany and Co., are valued at over $1K, but it’s not advisable to add engravings to those, due to their rarity.

If you buy antique silver online, you’ll find the best selection and at fair prices.

Other Silver Christening Gifts for Engraving

Other vintage and antique sterling silver christening gifts for engraving include baby cups, brush and comb sets, egg cups and small ornate sterling silver boxes. Think about the item as a keepsake rather than a toy or something that will be used. Take a look at online antique shops and auction venues and run through their lists on antique silver to look for inspiration.

Engraving Antique Silver

Contemporary inscriptions may devalue antique silver, so price and rarity is something to consider. Many of the items listed above are quite common, and can be purchased at reasonable prices. If the idea of engraving antique sterling silver is off-putting, consider purchasing a contemporary pendant, like those listed above, engrave it, and add it to a small antique sterling silver box that will remain untouched. Together they make a lovely Christening keepsake.