It’s not practical to buy a furry tail for your costume. It’s quite easy to come up with an excellent-looking furry tail from faux fur. It’s easier that you think it is. It will normally take you an hour to put it all together or maybe two hours when you don’t know much about sewing. You can find a variety of colors for faux pas that are available in various lengths. There are also tutorials for painting faux fur to acquire the color they intend to have if you are one who simply can’t find the right color or hue you like. Most people attach the faux pas tail with the use of a safety pin but you can also use anything you feel comfortable with.

Although this is very rude – some people, even use a butt plug!!! Something I found out the other day – It’s a butt plug that has animal tails at the end at loveplugs, pretty strange! Each to their own!

In making a faux fur tail, the following items are necessary: new razor blades, needle and thread, sewing machine, safety pins to use for attaching, fabric scraps, measuring tape, ¼ yard of faux fur, pins, marker or pen for marking purposes. You can choose from a grey, brow, or white long haired fur to use. It’s easier to work with short fur if it happens to be your first time.


You have to decide on the length of the faux fur tail you like to have may it be 26 inches long and 10 inches across. To cut the faux fur tail, you have to lay the fur tail side down and cut the back layer of it with a razor. When you cut the fur with scissors, you will be able to cut the fur in areas to make it look a bit mangy. You have to remember too that the direction in which the faux fur goes does not really matter. That will only matter for smaller details like the ears.

You certainly don’t want a straight bottom to the faux fur tail since it will give a chunky appearance. Depending on the kind of tail you like, you can curve the outside edges or else make it a bit pointed. You have to bear in mind that while planning you will have to fold the tail by half and sew it down to one side.

You then have to fold the tail in half and make sure that the right side is touching and that the fabric side is found on the outside. You then have to line up the edges. After that, you have to pin the tail together all the way down to the edge.