Losing is a pet is a devastating experience. No one wants to face that. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. Since it’s life time, the pet becomes integrated into our families; the pet becomes a part of it. And it becomes no different than Amy other household members in the family. But it comes with a price. The emotions that are tied with it, makes it impossible when it is deceased. It is very hard to cope up with death even though it is the ultimate truth in life. We not only lose a family member but we lose everything that is related with it. It creates an empty space in our heart which is much harder to fulfill….. That’s why it is so hard to move on after a pet loss as, our daily lives centers around it…. Whether we do, the interest of the beloved left is always in our heart. Even while going outside, we make sure that the pet doesn’t face any difficulties while the people out of the house for a long time…..

For the people who are living alone with no other person to look after them excluding just the pet it is a much horrible experience. Not only it creates turmoil in our heart and mind but it leaves a vacancy which can be felt every day, every second.

Which is why memorial services, like that of wwwlcmemorials.com, are held in order to cope up with the loss of pet grief. It not only give us a support in hard times but it itself deals with the fried process such a way that, a person can move out from the state in a much easier manner.

The grief stage is always hard to deal with and very less people knows how to deal with it. And it’s not a surprise because death is always a hard aspect to deal with. With memorial service you can pay tribute to your deceased pet which In   turn, can heal up the wounded heart.


With every moment every second, it becomes harder to deal with the loss of someone because, be it human or animal, they hold such significance that it becomes impossible to replace them with someone or something. Every moment makes us remember about them and it makes our eyes teary.

The best way to cope up is, get a hold of your emotions. We tend to be depressed when death occurs to something/someone close to us but we should remember that, we still have a life outside it. If you have any other pets, then be attentive to them which will acts as a distraction to the ongoing grief process. You can come out from the stage in an easier manner though it does seem like a very hard thing to do. Let the days pass one by one. With each days passed, the emotions will become more rational and you will be accustomed with the environment which will in turn help in accepting the deceased pet. This acceptance goes a long way as it is the baby step in a long road of moving on from the grief stage.


They will always be in our heart. Death doesn’t mean they have lost the place in our heart rather it is more cemented as even the small things will make us remember about them. It isn’t easy to get pass to it, but it also isn’t impossible task. As a tribute to the deceased, you have to move on, while keeping the memories close to your heart.  One of the best things you can do in order to keep those memories alive is by making memorials for your pets. These are beautiful yet log lasting which will help you keep those memories alive forever.