Ceramic is a popular choice used in many dinnerware items. This material is known to be relatively inexpensive compared to its other dinnerware counterparts. This in turns makes ceramic dinnerware a fairly popular choice used in many households in the present. A common concern a number of users share when using ceramic dinnerware is their durability, unlike that of httpwwwslateplate.com. This type of material is known to be quite fragile making it important to take extra care when handling them. Let us look at a few ways on how to help preserve your ceramic dinnerware.


Dealing with Temperature

Ceramic dinnerware is quite sensitive with sudden changes to temperature. For that matter, this type of dinnerware should not be placed in the oven or microwaves or directly on a burner as this can result to them cracking or chipping. When serving hot foods or liquids, users are advised to haven their ceramic dinnerware tempered with warm tap water first to avoid possible thermal shock and cracking.



Cleaning plays a very important role in keeping your ceramic dinnerware in good working condition. Using dishwasher is considered to be safe as long as the pieces stay far apart from each other to avoid collision during the dish washing cycle. Removing stains directly through a dishwasher can be a bit problematic. During cases, users are advised to soak their ceramic dinnerware in soapy warm water for a couple of minutes. Avoid using scouring powders or other harsh remedies but instead go for a good quality, non-abrasive metal cleaner. Be sure to avoid exerting too much force or pressure in cleaning your dinnerware as you might break them in the process.




Storing your ceramic dinnerware is pretty straightforward. Find a decent storage space that will be able to hold your dinnerware while at the same time give them a few extra space to breath in. Don’t forget to keep them thoroughly dry before storing them to avoid moist buildup. If you have children with you, make sure to keep your dinnerware items out of their reach to avoid accidentally breaking them. This does not only keep your dinnerware safe but your child as well.


Ceramic can be a very good addition to your dinnerware items. Their price is one of its biggest feature allowing people to purchase them in bulk with little to no worries about their cost. Consider the tips mentioned above to keep your ceramic dinnerware in good shape.