Being a mother is really a great experience and I know it might be overwhelming for you to o through so many changes. From hormonal to emotional changes, you go through a roller coaster ride.

Here are a few tried tips to make it easier for you to make those first few months easier and a lot of fun—

  • Make a routine – A routine makes it easier for you to cope up. For the first few days you won’t be able to understand your baby’s schedule but after a few days you will know when he sleeps, when he eats or when he poops. Based on that, you should make up your own schedule and stick to that. This makes your life easier.
  • Ask for Help – If you are a new mom, you must ask for help from people who are experienced. The first few weeks are really tough and it is beyond your capacity. It isn’t a matter of shame that you are asking for help from someone. Or it is absolutely fine when you ask your friend who just have stopped by your place to hold your baby once. Take help. It is absolutely fine.
  • Start making friends with moms – If none of your old friends have become a mom yet, then you should make friends with ladies who are already moms. This will be helpful for you to share your feelings, your adventures with these new moms and this will really help you a lot.

Pamper yourself, make new routines. You need a break and you should get it. All the best new mommy!