It is a big thing today to have a photo booth in every wedding reception, class reunion, birthday party, or even a corporate event. But if it is your first time to rent a photo booth today, you have to know several things:

The first thing that you have to consider is the type of camera that the photo booth has. Why is this important? It tells the kind of resolution that it can produce. If the Photo booth rental has a web can camera this means that your photos would be of low resolution compared to the normal cameras. Web cams are cheaper and easier to procure but they can produce photos that are blurry in quality. Look for a photo booth that has a DSLR camera. These are cameras used by the professional photographers that you can expect to produce high quality photos.


The next thing you have to look for in a photo booth in Melbourne, Australia is the kind of printer they use for printing the photos. The worst case is for them to use the regular printer which is not designed for printing photos. Be aware that there are no photo printers that use the same regular ink that regular printers use. Such printers cannot be relied on to produce the best photos. They also use the printer paper that can be easily bought at Best Buy or Staples. You have to look for a company that uses the sub dye printers. These printers are known to be more expensive and they also use the ribbon type of ink which can result to the same print quality that you can get from a reliable photo store.

You also have to check if they charge for the setup. It’s true that there are some companies that charge for merely setting up. If you like the company to set up hours before the event you have to ask for a rate that will include down time or time when the booth isn’t operating.

You also have to check on the features that every package contains. You have to ask about what is included in the package. If your event doesn’t fall on a weekend, you have to ask if they ever offer discounts for your specific date and you also have to ask the amount of the deposit.


Photo booths are a great way for you to wow your guests with having great quality custom photo strips.