Squishies has risen in popularity in a short period of time. These toys have caught the attention of a huge number of fans all over the world. The squishy phenomenon is real and this can be seen with the countless number of pictures and videos that are posted over the internet on a regular basis. Squishies does indeed have quite a huge following which definitely goes a long way in helping attract new fans. Newcomers have plenty of questions they are meaning to ask with regards to squishies. One of them is where do they come from.

Looking at the history of squishies can be a bit blurry. The reason behind this is that there is no direct reference as to where squishies was originally created. These toys have a lot of manufacturers however, because of its simplistic yet stylish design. This in turn makes it possible for a huge number of individuals to create their very own design. This is indeed apparent with plenty of do it yourself videos that teaches you how to make squishies on your own. All of this is made possible with the material known as polyurethane which is the primary component of squishies (learn more from this blog).

Polyurethane is indeed responsible for the creation of countless number of squishies. This material is lauded for its extreme flexibleness which allows them to be used in a variety of applications. This includes furniture, automobile seats, houses, sculptures and decors, filling of space and cavities, water vessels, flexible plastics, varnish, wheels, automotive parts, electronic components, adhesives and many more. Their huge reach has expanded in the toy industry and is now present in many squishies.


Although the origin of squishies is hard to trace, what a huge number of fans are sure of is with a particular brand of squishies known as Kawaii squishy. This type of squishies were invented in Japan that has made quite a name for itself because of its very squishy feel which help gave them their iconic name. Kawaii is a Japanese word but in English it means cute which greatly represents what squishies are.

There is indeed a lot of buzz that is going around squishies. If you want to learn more, there are online communities dedicated to squishies that you can join to engage and interact with fans. This can be a very good opportunity to learn more information about squishies to deepen your appreciation about them.